Saturday, August 28, 2010

I like working with: Ink, Scratch board, Digital medias
I hate working with paint because I just can make it work for me, but I think its because of my poor use of color.
I would like to try gauche.
Photography influenced my understanding of composition and contrast as well as depth.
Sculpture helped my understanding of physically working out an object in space, improving my ability to communicate it on paper or otherwise flat mediums
Life Drawing influenced my illustration because it improved my ability to convey form and figure with line variety and weight.
The work of my peers has changed my aspirations and work ethic as well as my understanding of my own style.
I like sci-fi and fantasy subject matter, and action based subject matter.
I like to read about the same things I like to make.
I listen to progressive rock, grunge metal, psychedelic punk, hardcore,  and classic rock as well as underground rap and classical music. Its important to have a well-rounded appreciation of music because it allows me to change my style and my mood according to what type of music I listen to. It ensures that a different aesthetic can be felt or expressed accordingly.
I enjoy video games, movies, biking, paintball, graphic novels.
Apparently I am one of the only people who liked that show called 12 oz Mouse.
If I could own any works of art they'd definitely be the original etchings of Dante's Inferno by Gustave Dore, Bernini's David, and any Normand Rockwell painting.