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Illustration_5 Visual Essay_1: Proposal

So for my visual essay, Ive decided to document the Metals Museum of Memphis. Ive been there many times now, and I am fascinated with the culture, the life style, and especially the sense of community they share with everyone there. They do not have a great deal of income coming into the museum, but they offer Residency to traveling metal smiths. It's where you work and in exchange you get room and board and money. They hold events and auctions frequently so it will be interesting to go there to observe the community they bring together during these events. The biggest event they hold is called Repair Days when hundreds of metal smiths and metal enthusiasts alike come together from all over the world and repair anything and everything except for cats, cars and broken hearts. They hold workshops and demos there as well. These demos teach upcoming metal smiths how to practice certain techniques or processes that are very difficult to learn. Repair Days is a good opportunity for this because they have so many other artists to learn from and exchange techniques. It is a wonderfully interesting culture that's very supportive and open, and I'd like to show that to more people.

Childrens Story Book Class

Thursday, September 2, 2010

What sort of an illustrator are you anyway?

Im not sure what type of illustrator this makes me.

I know I'd like to pursue a career in either comics, story boards, character design or concept art.

I feel like for the most part, my present body of work reflects my career aspirations pretty well, but it could use some beefing up.

My portfolio could use:
1. a brief animation based on a story board I've drawn.
2. more environment designs
3. more successful digital paintings
4. better examples of color uses
5. more finalized comic spreads
6. more variety of character designs
7. more practice with color and painting
8. much more 3-D modeling
9. a short of a graphic novel adaptation for an example
10. a successful 3-D modeled painting.