Wednesday, February 3, 2010

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  1. There's some really nice stuff going on here, Paul. I'm usually not a fan of slanted panel borders, but you're using it effectively between your 2nd and 3rd panels on the 1st page. Nice shot of the sinister eyes. Great camera angles on panels 4 and 5. Maybe think about altering the composition in the 1st panel on the second page so the knife moves from left to right more and points diagonally into the next panel? Just a thought. I would, however, consider changing the 5th panel on the 2nd page. We've already seen the knife in its entirety plenty of times so I think you can burry it pretty low in that panel. Maybe show the top 1/3 and the hand on the grip. You may or may not feel like adding some blood for good measure. I'm still stewing over the 6th panel. At any rate...great work!